Booking & Payments


How do I begin booking my wedding day "Beauty Team"? 

Please fill out the Inquiry form to the best of your ability. A Blush and Adore Beauty Coordinator will promptly respond with details regarding the Bride's personal beauty package.

What is required to reserve my wedding date?

We require a signed contract along with a 50% deposit in order to reserve your wedding date. All weddings are booked on a first come, first served basis. 

Is there a hair and makeup minimum in order to book my wedding? 

Yes. We require a 6 service minimum per hairstylist and makeup artist in order to book a wedding. Meaning, in addition to the bride, there must be 5 bridesmaids (or individuals) booked for both hair and makeup. 

Is it required to book both hair and makeup through Blush & Adore?

No. Brides have the flexibility to book hair stylists or makeup artists individually. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

Blush & Adore accepts all major credit cards along with cash and check payments. However, any payments made on the wedding day must be in the form of cash. Please note, an additional 2.75%-3.75% fee is applied to all credit card transactions throughout the booking process. 

Can members of my bridal party pay you separately for their services? 

In order to avoid stress and confusion the morning of the wedding, we do not accept payment from multiple parties. Regardless of the bride's internal arrangements for the payment of each individual's beauty services, Blush & Adore requires all payments to be made by the bride. 

Can I change the number of hair and/or makeup services after booking with Blush & Adore?

Upon paying a deposit to book Blush & Adore, the bride commits to the amount of services that she has signed for. Add-ons are always welcome as long as the increase in number is communicated as soon as possible. 

Should a decrease in service numbers suddenly occur, the bride is still responsible for the remaining balance reflected in her client contract and invoice; all services initially booked must be paid for.


Bridal Previews


Is booking a bridal beauty preview required?

No.  You are not required to schedule a bridal preview. However, we highly recommend them in order for the bride to "try on" her desired wedding day look and any adjustments be made pre wedding day. Should the bride prefer to not have a preview, we do ask that photos of desired hair and makeup looks be sent.

Does my Bridal Preview Fee apply to my beauty package? 

No. Because previews are optional, we do not automatically incur this fee on wedding day packages. Brides are expected to pay this fee at their Bridal Preview appointment.


Wedding Morning Logistics


Where do you perform hair & makeup?

We are a traveling beauty team that performs all beauty services at the Bride's requested location i.e. hotel rooms, resorts, and private estates.

What time do we need to get started with hair & makeup on the morning of my wedding?

Wedding hair and makeup start time depends on the bridal party's "ready time" established by the wedding day photographer and/or coordinator. Once the wedding is booked and the photographer communicates their timing with the bride, Blush & Adore will specify all hair and makeup timelines. 

How long does it take to do hair & makeup on the morning of my wedding?

The bride's hair and makeup will take one hour each. Bridesmaids and moms hair and makeup appointments are expected to take between 30-45 minutes. Again, once the "ready time" is established by the wedding day photographer and/or coordinator, Blush & Adore will construct a bridal beauty timeline specifying ALL appointment times and orders.